PowerGoat's CW Staff Application

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Feb 15, 2023
Staff Application
What is your OOC name?
PowerGoat/Obsidian, either work.

What character(s) do you play?
CT-7654 'Jumpstart'

What is your SteamID (i.e. STEAM:0:0:1203929)?

What is your Discord Name (i.e. hypixel007)?

What is your timezone?

Are you 14 years of age or older?

Your current playtime on the server?
Since the second battle of Christophsis, I have been on almost every weekend. (I cannot get on the server right now it is a weekday).

List all of your warns and bans (N/A if none):

What is your availability?
Almost any day after 5-6 PM except Saturdays.

Staffing Related Section
Why do you want to join the staff team? (200 Words)
Clone wars and star wars have been a media I have been deeply interested in and have fond memories of from a young age. From legends to canon, the old republic to the galactic empire, I've been interested in every aspect. The Zenith CWRP has been one of the few SWRP's that I have played on Garry's mod in years, and has helped me recover my love for star wars even with how few players consistently end up playing through. I have to say that this has probably ended up as one of my favorite SWRP servers, topping any that I have attended - even with, again, the low player counter. The events are amazing, and the community is friendly, it's fun to take a break from SCPRP and play something different. I've been hearing about the lack of staff members and I have a bit of experience as staff in moderation positions - I also play CW almost every weekend and have a blast every time. I'd like to throw my hat in the ring to hopefully improve the experience of those on the server, ticket times, and bolster the existing staff team. I hope to join the staff team because I want to become a part of the CW server as more than just a player - I want to make sure everyone else is having a fun time in a great server.

Why should we accept you into the staff team?
I have been with Zenith for awhile and would like to consider myself trusted in the community - I am also able to maintain a professional demeanor when taking tickets and handling staff situations. I am capable of giving advice and helping other staff members when they need it.

What staffing experience do you currently have?
I am currently an administrator for Zenith SCPRP and the Assistant Manager for the IS discord team. These are the two most recent positions that I can in full faith recall.

Rule-based Questions Section
Define RDM:

Killing of one or more people without any reason for doing so - I.E, a clone trooper opens fire at a debrief and kills one or multiple troopers before being tazed. A cadet starts firing on other troopers for no reason - both of these are examples.

Define Metagame:

Utilizing OOC information like a wiki or OOC messages from other players inside of RP. Metagame ruins the fun for others, makes proper RP impossible, and can create an unfun environment for everyone trying to find things out through RP.

Define NLR:

NLR is the period of time that you must stay in bunks, practically OOC - you also forget some information from your previous life.

Define FailRP:

FAILRP is when someone does something in RP that isn't realistic in what the character would be able to do / what the character would be able to do with the rules in the universe.

Situation-based Questions Section

Player “X” reports player “Y” for making them uncomfortable with GoreRP during a medical scenario. Player "X" is saying that they told player "Y" multiple times to stop but they continued. How would go about handling this sit?
I would grab the story from both players as I'd want to make sure I get all of the information from both parties to both avoid bias and make sure I am making an informed decision. First, from player X, and then I'd get the story from player Y during the sit I'd pull them into.

The actions I would take next would depend on both stories - if it was a simple misunderstanding or an issue with communication that player Y may have not received due to some technical issue, I would give a simple verbal reminder/warning and send them both on their way after explaining to 'X' what had happened, refraining from informing them of whether a punishment was given or not.

If player 'Y' did in fact ignore player 'X' when they requested the player to stop, I would issue a full logged warning to them - I would inform player 'Y' exactly why they were being warned, what being warned meant if necessary, and then I would send them back on their way. Should they ask who reported them or if they could see the evidence, I would deny both requests.

Player “X” reports player “Y” for making an offensive comment towards player "Z". Player "X" has also said that they would like to remain anonymous for their own personal reasons. They(player "X") have also not provided any evidence but player "Y" has admitted to it. How would you go about handling this sit?
I would once again get a story from both sides, and would inform player 'X' that either way their name would not be said as I do not reveal names during staff sits. I would let them know that I would handle the situation and after getting their story + asking them for any evidence they may have -- if they have no evidence, I would do my best through log checking and would eventually pull player 'Y' even if there was no evidence gathered from that.

Once player 'Y' was pulled, I would inquire about the situation to them. Once they admitted that what player 'X' said they did was true, I would inform them of what the issue was rule-wise and would check their warn history. I would inform player 'Y' why they were being warned, and would issue a warning for the offensive comment. If the sit continued without any further incident, I would return player 'Y' and I would let player 'X' know that the situation was handled and everything is okay now.

Communication Section

Do you have a mic?

Do you have TeamSpeak3?

Do you have a Discord Account?

Staff meetings will be held weekly on Monday at 7:00 PM EST(subject to change), will you be able to attend these meetings?

Do you understand that your Steam name will be required to be changed to [ZP] (name) [TM]? Yes.
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